ordo: an album of worship

by eighth day collective

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For most of the people I know (certainly the ones for whom this music was recorded), the only connection they have to "worship music" is that they have seen a commercial on TV featuring the "worship leader rock star." They have heard songs that could easily double as love songs on any other CD, and featured arcane language language that lacked both theological depth and modern respectability. As the late Rich Mullins would say, most modern worship music is "fifth rate lyrics set to sixth rate music."

When most people think of "worship music" they are afraid. They are very afraid.

This collection of songs was the result of a decision I made to go to seminary so that I could write music for the church that was musically interesting, consistent with a sound theological tradition, and accessible to the modern ear. I will let you judge the relative success of that goal, but this collection could reasonably be viewed as a culmination of my theological education. As such, it is my gift to the Church.

It is my sincere hope that these songs help connect you to God; that they will, like any good ordo should, assist you in rehearsing your life with God.

Landon Whitsitt
May 2006


released December 18, 2011

Landon Whitsitt: vocals, guitars, percussion
Jerilyn Whitsitt: vocals
Jonathan Yarboro: bass, vocals
John Stevens: percussion, vocals




eighth day collective Kansas City, Missouri

Eighth Day Collective is Landon Whitsitt and whomever he is playing music with at the time.

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